The Health Dangers of Poor Pet Dental Hygiene

Like people, pets build up plaque on their teeth when they eat. So, as you brush your teeth, remember that your pet’s oral hygiene is also very important. Lack of good oral hygiene could lead to serious health issues and even lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

As a responsible pet parent, you have to find ways to ensure your pet has good oral hygiene. You could use the following tips:

Brush Their Teeth

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it seems. You can use a cloth section or use a pet toothbrush to clean your cat’s teeth. Be sure only to use one recommended by your veterinarian because human toothpaste can be toxic to animals.

Use Dental Chews and Chew Toys

You can give your cat chew toys or chews to help remove stuck food particles and bacteria that may have formed in the mouth. Also, chewing stimulates saliva production, which helps wash away any food particles in their teeth.

Regular Visits to Your Vet

You don’t have to wait for major pet health issues to visit your vet. Make it a routine to visit your vet for dental checkups. Your vet can evaluate your cat’s oral health as well as examine any other health conditions.

Oral Health Dangers in Pets with Poor Oral Hygiene

If you fail to take care of your cat’s oral hygiene, you risk them having the following health issue:


Gingivitis is the inflammation of gums due to the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. It can be very painful for your cat. Also, it may lead to poor feeding and thus loss of weight.


Periodontitis is an oral disease that affects both the gums and teeth. When plaque gets stuck in your cat’s teeth, toxins are released, causing inflammation to occur. The inflammation erodes the gum tissues causing them to be weak, leading to jaw fractures.

Oral Cancers

Oral cancer is a disease that affects the mouth due to poor oral hygiene. It is a fatal disease, especially since it is hard to detect. You may overlook most of the symptoms, and that’s why regular dental checkups are crucial for your cat.

General Health Problems

In addition to oral health issues, poor dental hygiene also exposes your cat to wider health problems. For example, bacteria may get into the bloodstream or the heart valves, affecting the liver and the heart tremendously.

Your cat may also develop other diabetes issues and high blood pressure if the hygiene aspect is not maintained.

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