December is Lover’s Month – Benefits and Joys of Cat Companionship

If you are currently single or living alone, December can certainly feel like one of the loneliest months of the year. While they may not be able to accompany you on your work Christmas night out, or take you on many dates, a pet can make a great substitute for a human life partner. Pet ownership has long been considered a great way to secure some friendly and loyal companionship, with cats one of the most popular choices of domestic animal. In fact, more than 35 million households in the United States now have at least one feline friend. First believed to have been domesticated around 5,000 years ago to protect crops from rodents, cats now have a great deal to offer their humans in the way of affection and companionship.

Why do cats make such good companions?

They may have something of a reputation for being aloof and solitary, but there are many reasons why cats actually make great companions for humans.

They are pretty easy to look after

It may surprise you to know that cats are much easier to look after than their canine counterparts, making them the perfect companion for those individuals who have very busy lives. Felines don’t need to be walked daily (although some owners do enjoy taking their cat out on a leash), and short-haired varieties have low grooming requirements. Your cat will also be slightly less fussy about your company too, so while she may be happy to see you from time to time, she will probably manage just fine with her own company if you work long hours.

Stroking and petting a cat is comforting

Spending time stroking any sort of pet is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels, and build a loving bond between you, and cats are no exception. Many owners also find that the weight of a furry feline on their lap, and running their fingers through their fur, to be immensely calming and soothing.

Cats don’t smell

Cats are renowned for having fastidious grooming routine, which helps keep them clean and free from any odors. This means you can snuggle as close as you like with your furbaby without worrying about being inundated with an animal smell.

Your feline won’t make you feel guilty

Unlike canines, who are so good at looking forlorn if you can’t provide them the attention that they so readily crave, your kitty won’t be at all bothered if you need a little break from their company. She’ll quite happily trot off for a nap without holding any grudges!

Cats are quiet

Sometimes there is nothing better than a little peace, quiet and tranquillity, especially if you work in a busy environment. Cats are generally a lot less vocal than their canine counterparts are, meaning that you can enjoy relaxing downtime with your favorite furry friend.

So, what does my cat need in order to remain a happy, healthy companion?

Kitty care is really very simple and straightforward. Their primary needs include:

- Good quality food provided twice a day in calorie-controlled portions (free-feeding can cause your cat to put on weight, and therefore have an increased risk of developing a range of health problems).

- Fresh water daily.

- Mental and physical stimulation, which you can provide in the form of games.

- Medical care, including spaying/neutering, necessary vaccinations, preventative treatment and dental care.

- Equipment and toys, such as litter trays, cat trees, bed and toys.

- Meeting her emotional needs, by ensuring you give love and attention regularly, even if she seems a little nonplussed by it!

If you live alone and would love a loyal, friendly and welcoming companion to greet you at the end of your day, a cat may be the ideal choice. There are plenty of felines that require rehoming, so check with your nearest shelters what felines they have available, and you could give a furbaby the forever home she deserves. Contact The Little Cat Clinic today for further information.