What are Signs that my Cat’s Teeth are Healthy?

Your cat’s teeth are an incredibly important to her natural instincts. Not only do they allow her to eat, her teeth are also used to attack, grip and kill prey in the wild – a predisposition that carries over into domestic animals regardless of the fact that they have their food handed to them on a plate – or in most cases, a bowl! Nevertheless, taking proper care of your kitty’s teeth should be a large priority. Dental health is not only crucial for the function of teeth, but also for your cat’s general health. Poor oral hygiene leads to periodontitis, an inflammatory condition in the gums that has been linked to serious medical problems including diabetes, kidney disorder, liver disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

How to keep your cat’s teeth healthy

As a responsible and compassionate pet owner, you will want to ensure that your cat’s teeth are as healthy as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to brush her teeth as often as possible – daily is ideal – using special feline toothpaste. This will remove any bacteria and debris from her teeth and prevent plaque, which eventually causes periodontal disease if left untreated, from forming. Although the prospect of brushing your feline’s teeth may seem daunting and difficult, patience and practise will enable you to get to grips with the process quicker than you think. Most cats learn to tolerate it fairly soon too.

You will also need to arrange for your kitty to have regular dental check-ups with our veterinarian. Our vet has the training and skill to be able to perform a very thorough assessment of your cat’s teeth, identifying any potential health problems before they have chance to develop into anything too serious. Professional cleans performed by our vet will also go a long way to preventing dental disease from occurring.

How do I know if my cat has healthy teeth?

Most veterinarians would agree that it the best way of knowing that your cat has healthy teeth is to recognize signs that might indicate that dental disease is developing. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it would indicate that your pet’s teeth are unhealthy and you should seek the advice of our veterinarian as soon as possible:

- Persistently bad breath

- Difficulty eating

- Loose teeth or tooth loss

- Persistently pawing or rubbing the mouth

- Bleeding gums

- Yellow or brown deposits on the teeth

- Obvious dental pain

Healthy feline teeth should be fairly white in color, appear clean and in good condition e.g. no obvious cracks or breaks. Your pet should be able to grip things in his teeth without any signs of discomfort and be able to eat without dropping food.

If you are concerned that your cat’ teeth may not be as healthy as they could be, it is time to contact us and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian so that he/she can perform a thorough assessment of the dental health of your friendly feline.