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What Vaccines Does My Outdoor Cat Need?

Few things are more adorable than a cat. Whether a kitten or a full-grown adult, they have unique personalities, usually with a comedic twist. Stark differences exist between an indoor and outdoor cat. For instance, food products formulated for kitties that live outdoors usually have more filler since these animals are a lot more active than those who stay inside.

Vaccinations are another part of proper care. To ensure your pet’s health, having him or her vaccinated is essential. This is especially true for kitties that stay outside. After all, they face far more risks than one kept indoors all the time.

Things like environmental factors, animal bites, insects, and garbage put outside cats at risk of both injury and illness. So, top veterinarians recommend the following vaccinations for cats, whether they’re an outside part- or full-time.


Since rabies can kill an animal, this particular vaccine is vital. Usually, cats get infected through bites and hunting rodents. In some states, it’s mandated for all cats, both inside and outside, to get a rabies vaccination.

Some vets use a special formula that also protects felines from what’s known as vaccine-associated Fibrosarcomas, which is a type of cancer.


As the acronym for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calic, this vaccination works by boosting a cat’s immune system so that it can better fight against both the Calicivirus and the Feline Herpes virus. Not only are these upper respiratory diseases extremely dangerous but also highly contagious.

Another element of the FVRCP vaccination works to protect cats from the Feline Distemper virus, officially known as Panleukopenia. Like the rabies vaccine, vets recommend this for indoor and outdoor cats.


This Feline Leukemia vaccine is another one that top vets recommend. Cats can develop this from getting into fights with other animals. However, it can transmit through mating and even during a cat’s grooming process.

Now, if you have one cat that stays inside while the other is free to roam outside, this vaccination is super important. The reason is that if the outdoor kitty gets it, he or she could easily spread it to your inside pet.

Parasite Protection

Along with the three vaccinations mentioned, an outdoor kitty should also have protection from both internal and external parasites. Especially when outside, cats are natural-born hunters. As part of that, they usually eat a portion of what they catch. That’s what puts them at risk for things like tapeworm, hookworm, and roundworm.

The other consideration is that outdoor cats are prone to mosquito bites, which puts them at risk for heartworm disease. Then, other factors come into play such as ear mites, fleas, and ticks.

Outstanding Cat Care

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