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Top Toys for Cats

Nothing brings a smile to your face quite like when your feline friend is having fun! That is why we want to showcase some of the top toys for cats that will not only keep them active and entertained, but is sure to be a joy to watch for all pet owners. Let’s check out some of the favorites.

Why Should You Get Toys for Your Cat?

Cats like to be mentally and physically stimulated. Depending on the breed, they may need a fair amount of stimulation in order to avoid behavioral issues. No matter what type of cat you have, it’s always a good idea to have a few toys on hand to keep them occupied. Not only is it good for their development, but can help keep them at a proper weight, too.

Variety Packs

Variety is the most stimulating thing for cats. Give them plenty to choose from they are sure to be entertained for a lengthy period of time. In this variety pack, you’ll see that there’s a little something for everyone. Have multiple cats? This is a great solution!

Incline Scratcher

If your cat is strictly indoors, you’ll quickly learn just how much you need one of these around the house! Cats have an innate desire to stretch and sharpen their claws. Give them something safe to scratch on while saving your furniture and other household goods.

Crinkle Balls

You don’t have to get fancy with cat toys in order to make them happy. Crinkle balls are inexpensive and cats absolutely love batting them around. You can buy them at the store or make your own. Either way, your kitty is sure to have fun playing with this.

Cat Cube/Condo

Cat cubes and condos aren’t exactly a toy, although many of them have a few toys attached to them. These little hideaways are a great option for when your feline friend needs a little siesta. Plus, you may notice that your cat gets a kick out of hiding from you in one of these!

Food Dispenser Toys

Walk down any pet toy aisle and you’ll see several options to choose from! Food dispenser toys are an excellent option for those felines in your life that seem to have endless amounts of energy. Essentially, the cat bops and bats it around until a small morsel of food comes out. Kittens adore this type of toy!

Exercise Wheel

Another great toy for high-energy cats (or perhaps even cats who are a bit overweight) is the exercise wheel. You simply put them on and let them go! They can walk or run as fast as they like. This is an excellent choice for people who live in smaller spaces, too.

Catnip Toys

And don’t forget about the catnip! Any toy that can add a little catnip in is sure to become an instant hit with your cat. There are a variety of toys to choose from so you can consider your cat’s preferences when choosing a toy. Keep in mind, even a toy as simple as a little mouse will do the trick!

Catcher Wand

Cat’s love to play “cat and mouse” with a catcher wand. You can attach a variety of toys on the end. Just remember that cats may be able to get themselves tangled up in it so store it away when not in use.


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